The Peaceful Body Lab Program

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Review the information detailed on this page and, if you feel called to take part, enter your information below to receive the application form for beta testing. There will be 6 testers for this preliminary launch. Thank you in advance for your interest!

Ever fantasized about what it would feel like if you were less uncomfortable and at peace with your body?

If you have and also felt confused, hopeless, with a build-up of stress in your muscles (and organs!) expressing itself as...

…body aches and pain without injury
…brain fog and a lack of clarity
…fatigue that just won’t go away with rest
…inexplicable weight gain
…chronic stress
…digestive issues like constipation & bloating

I invite you to apply for the beta test run of this program.

The Peaceful Body Lab is a roadmap that takes you through a 10-week journey focused on...

bringing you back to basics in mind/body as you navigate your wellness journey by improving chronic inflammation, releasing the effects of ongoing stress from your body, and nurture a balanced approach to self-care without confusion or burn out! At its core, you're learning to apply nature-inspired, mindful practices in a sustainable way for long-term consistency.

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