{E42} Anxiety & Mindfulness (with Dr. Nicole LePera)

Anxiety, they say, is you living in the future. Depression, is you living in the past. What if there was a middle ground between the two and you lived in that?

Dr. Nicole LePera is a psychologist in Philadelphia that views mental and physical struggles from a whole person perspective. She understands that balance is an integral part of wellness and empowers her patients to heal themselves, supporting them on their wellness journeys by identifying the underlying physical and emotional causes they carry.

In this episode, you'll hear:
how mindfulness practices brought her relief
her personal story with anxiety and panic attacks
the connection between the systems in the body (and how when one gets out of whack, they all feel the impact)
self-awareness and noticing your emotions - rather than react with emotion
the number 1 thing you can do right now to start to positively influence your well-being - and anxiety

To download her ebook, be sure to visit Nicole on her website and send her some love on Instagram @the.holistic.psychologist