{E39} Applying a Growth Mindset (with Cedric Andrew)

Ever found yourself wondering how and why things in your life have stalled and whether there's anything you can do about it without breaking the bank?

Most of us go into trouble shooting mode by thinking about the resources we need to come up with to take us out of a situation BUT, what if we could make strides just by looking at our way of thinking - would you believe me??

Today's guest has implemented a growth mindset into his life and has noticed himself shift - and his inner circle have noticed the same in him.

From job-to-job to entrepreneurship, it took a desire to make things happen and a commitment to this way of thinking that has given him the chance to see opportunities and say good-bye to others.

Be sure to take notes and apply what he shares. Cedric has kindly opened up to us to share his hiccups and how he sees them - plus he invites you to see them the same way.

I'd love to hear what most resonated with you over on Instagram - and be sure to stop by his profile as well @cedric.andrew16