{E35} Noticing the Message of Your Body When Faced with an Opportunity - Mindset Realign

How much of an opportunity is an actual opportunity when faced with one? I know, I just said a whole lot of things there. Let me explain.

Ever felt the need to take an opportunity simply because it's been presented to you? Even when it has nothing to do with your desire to flex your strengths or work on a weakness you want to focus on?

In this Mindset Realign episode I go into a short experience where, my choice pushed me away from representing what I value and like to stand for.

You'll also hear my one question I ask myself NOW when presented with an opportunity - it goes into a conversation I look to my body to respond to.

Let's take the conversation to Instagram! Send me a DM to answer if you've ever tapped into how you’re feeling an opportunity before you accept or reject it? What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to know.