{E33} Defining Yourself by Work & Shifting Away From It (with Courtney Elmer)

If you've been someone who overworks without taking the time necessary to recharge, do take the time to listen to this episode.

After years of working non-stop and reaching the successes most strive for, a shock came knocking on Courtney's door.

This shock came in the form of a health scare that caused an immediate pause for her which shifted the entire thought process she had created and benefited from for years.

What you'll hear:
• How to identify when a feeling and a calling is actually a pull for you to take action
• On perfectionism and other hard truths
• The one thing Courtney suggests you do RIGHT NOW
• Unplug to be present - what this looks like and the reason behind making this a habit
• The shock that shifted Courtney into the life she leads now

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