Yoga Services

I offer two individual options if you want a personalized plan tailored to your movement goals and lifestyle.

Private Yoga Classes

One-on-one yoga classes where my undivided attention is on you and whatever you’d like to work/focus on! I’ve worked with students who have wanted to work on their posture and alignment in particular poses, others who simply want to attend a yoga class where nobody else is in the room, as well as others who have wanted more individualized attention to a particular need - such as sciatica and back pain. You choose!

Starting at $65 CDN

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Yoga Therapy Plan

Covering 4 full weeks of yoga practices that are meant to support your movement and lifestyle goals. We’ll run through the variety of practices identified after our initial meeting so you can make the most of your plan.

Practices are meant to help ease physical and/or emotional pain through posture sequences, breath work, mindfulness tools, and other yoga therapy practices.

Includes initial + follow up $370 CDN

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