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Hi, soy Daisy! I'm here to support you in simplifying a healthier lifestyle and guide you in nourishing your mind by connecting with your body.

A little more about me...
I hit rock bottom (the 'collapsing to my knees' kind) after experiencing multiple rounds of grief and loss. I had shoved every emotion in too long so I could function "normally" throughout the day - numbed with vino, work, pushed my body to extremes where I felt disconnected from it, became "too busy" for anything nourishing, hoped for a moment where I just wouldn't "feel" anymore. Until finally, it all caught up me and eventually, I broke down.

During that time, my thoughts didn't seem like my own, I ached from the inside out, and I remember my body feeling so different - completely dull and with a heavy burden.

After many years and losing chunks of myself in the process, I wasn't able to keep that going anymore. So, I made a conscious decision to work with my body instead of against it - I put my design career on hold and slowed right down. I began listening to what I truly needed to build myself up and release. I allowed myself the space to move into slower practices - experimenting in the kitchen with curiosity and moving my body without an agenda of goals or anything else.

It took time (years!) but I finally began noticing BIG changes - I felt more energized and, honestly, more joyful again.

Now, I'm dedicated to sharing the same practices & powerful yet simple tools for others to apply toward their wellness journey, to help them regain a sense of vibrancy & joy for life - no matter how down on themselves they've been.

My Mission

To support as many people as possible to nurture a healthier relationship with themselves and connect back to the wisdom of their body.

No matter how much you've been struggling with your mental or emotional well-being, and how unforgiving you've been of yourself throughout the years, I want you to regain the vibrancy you once had and find meaning in working with your mind through your body.

My approach is grounded in connecting with nature, moving the body, and eating healthfully to create a sense of vibrancy and joy in life. M
y methods are simple and easy - they combine a variety of practices that align the body and mind with nature for mutual trust and respect.

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Professional Credentials + Affiliations

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 500hr + E-RYT 200hr: • Yoga Nidra • PreNatal Yoga • Yoga Therapeutics • Advanced Yoga Psychology • Yin Yoga Immersion • Private Clients Immersion • Hatha Yoga influenced by teachings of Anusara Yoga • YACEP - Continuing Education Yoga Teacher Trainer • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MNLP) • Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach • Culinary Nutrition Expert + Certified Instructor • Ayurvedic Wellness Counsellor
Currently in Training
Community Herbalist (present)
Barre Instructor Training (present)

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