Gluten-Free Corn Tortillas

Gluten-free corn tortillas

Corn has been a part of my upbringing ever since I can remember, so it’s something I choose not to give up on at mealtime - even though it’s one of the most genetically modified crops in North America (frowns!).

But…most things you enjoy made out of corn can be made right in your own kitchen - where you have more quality control over the ingredients and tortillas is one of those things.

I made these tacos the other day for dinner and they were a hit with my family! Hubs even got up for seconds (or was it thirds?!). If you know him, you know his palate is probably one of the pickiest around. So these are a #win 😄

Tacos or not, the versatility of these tortillas are endless. Give them a whirl and let me know when you make them, I’ll share the excitement with you on Instagram @daisyjeys 🌮

Gluten-Free Corn Tortillas Recipe

1¾ cups organic masa corn flour
½ teaspoon sea salt
2 tablespoons coconut oil solid state, soft
1 cup warm water
Tools Needed:
Cast-iron skillet or ceramic pan
Large bowl
Damp towel
Parchment paper
Whisk the flour and sea salt in a large bowl.
Press the oil into the flour mixture with a fork until uniformly combined.
Using the fork, press the mix together and add the water to the flour until you start to see a sticky dough - you may need to be mixing and pressing for about 2 minutes. Do not add more flour or water, be patient as it will come together - you’ll know it’s come together when the cracks in the dough are gone.
Shape the dough into a large ball.
Make the ball into 8 smaller balls using a knife and cover them all with a damp towel. Let them stay under the towel for 5 minutes.
Place a cast-iron skillet on medium heat - no oil added, you want it dry and hot or the dough will stick. Test the heat by flicking some water onto the pan - if they dance around and disappear quickly, it’s ready.
Grab some parchment paper and cut into two square pieces, approximately 7”. Then, cut a few extras until you have 6-8 pieces.
Place one of the two 7″ sheets on the bottom of the tortilla press, place one of the small dough ball in the centre, and the other 7” sheet on top. Pull the tortilla press handle down until you have a flat tortilla!
Peel the top sheet off and, with the bottom sheet, flip the tortilla over into the hot pan. Remove the bottom sheet (now top sheet!) from the tortilla and let the tortilla dry for 30–60 seconds.
Flip the tortilla to dry on the other side with a spatula and let sit for another 30–60 seconds.
As you remove the cooked tortillas, place one of the smaller pieces of parchment paper between them on a plate so they don’t stick together.
Repeat these steps until all tortillas are cooked.
Place tortillas under a towel to keep moist and warm until ready to enjoy!

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